Sexy Snippet, Noah's Fantasy #1

The very thought of her first orgasm with me and the pure suction of her mouth pulling at my cock was too much. “Get ready. It’s coming, princess and you are not to let any of it spill.”

Sexy Snippet, Noah's Fantasy #1
Photo by Mimipic Photography / Unsplash

I crossed my arms in front of my tunic and demanded, “Make me.”
She was under my power now.
She clamped her jaw tight and stared as I pulled the garment over my head, and I was encouraged by the excitement which added shine to her eyes and polish to her pink cheeks when she observed the chiseled lines cut into my muscles by back-breaking labor.

I was no paltry, consumptive, country gentleman. I made my own way and survived by because of the work accomplished with my own two hands.
After countless days of being tempted relentlessly by her firm, high-perched breasts, I enjoyed her struggle to capture her composure, and vowed to banish it entirely by making her come repeatedly beneath my tongue.
“Please?” Her voice now fragile and shaking, clearly unaware that her begging made my dick throb harder.
“Yes, princess. Remove my long stockings so you can see what your pleading does to my cock,” My voice was calm, my gaze steady, demonstrating that I was the only king in this room, and as such, her body was my possession to rule.
“Let’s see how well you can learn to serve your master while deep-throating my dick. Oft times have I spilled my seed while imagining I was jamming my full length at the back of your throat, catching the tears that leak from your eyes with one finger.” As I spoke, she cleared her throat, pretending not to be affected, and I admired her for that.
As did I applaud the delightful shiver of wanting that ran through her when I spoke to her thus.
My cock was enormous as a cudgel, and even the most experienced whore struggled over the size of it. Something flickered far back in her eyes as she spoke. “Your cock is huge. Surely you don’t expect me to fit all of that in my mouth?”
“I do, and you will.” My large hand took her face and held it tenderly, in stark contrast to the treatment I was about to give her. “Open.”
She bit back a whimper as I teased her with my shaft, rubbing its head across the silky skin of her mouth without entering. “What did I say?” I reminded her. As if warming up to the idea, she made a fist around my shaft and moved it back and forth.
“What a well behaved little whore you are.” My throat grew thick with desire. “Now use your tongue to clean the liquid which leaks from the tip.”


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