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FREE Spicy Romance Read

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Chapter 9, Gracie

After Sofie and I had had our pedicures done, we decided to do a little window shopping. First, we took a trip to Sweetness and Delight to purchase two of the caramel truffles that we loved. I also decided to get some homemade vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

They would be my secret weapon to perform a little trick I had in mind on Daddy, to go along with my newfound confidence in my ability to stop him in his tracks. Just like I had done on the sidewalk.

I needed him to understand that when he commanded me in the bedroom, it actually did make me feel secure and meant that I didn’t have any monsters under my mental bed. I could only concentrate on what was happening with my body and on what I wanted to do to his. Nothing else mattered.

Our next stop was Bohemian Ecstasy. In the window display was an outfit I was enamored with: an opalescent costume which was basically suspenders connected to a very short skirt of half-inch sliced strips made from radiant rainbow-colored leather. The skirt reminded me of something a futuristic female gladiator would wear. I imagined myself wearing it only for Luke.

I went in and checked out the pretty costume, also picking out some sexy stockings which I knew would drive him crazy.

“These stockings are so great and versatile; you can wear them under anything or all by themselves for a special someone,” the clerk said as she tended to me. There was no mocking or embarrassment to her tone, which was the main reason why the store was so amazing.

The young women who worked there appreciated every body type that came through the door and stocked sizes to accommodate all. They knew how to use all the sex toys that lined the two back walls of the store. They were also very happy to demonstrate or describe how each piece of equipment could be used to its best advantage.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

When I wore the stockings for Luke, my pussy and bum would be completely exposed and available to him. They needed a little something up top to complete the effect.

“I’m wondering if you have any kind of shelf bra that supports and lifts the breasts but doesn’t cover any of the nipple?”

The friendly clerk led me over to a selection of shelf bras, and I admired her rainbow-striped tights as she walked. She found my size in black that, when I tried it on, made even me have to admit that I looked stunning. My plump tits were held up almost as if a sign was pointing to my nipples that said, “Suck me”. Below the breast hung a silky black fringe. The effect was spectacular.

“Tell you what. Is it okay if I just go ahead and wear these home today after paying?”

“Of course,” she said. “We’ll give you a bag for the panties and bra you’re wearing so you can put them in there now. Is there anything else that you need? Toys? Lubricants?”

“No, I’m good. I loooove this outfit. I think it will bring him to his knees.”

“Your body is just luscious! I haven’t seen anyone fill out that bra like you do. It’s almost like it was made for you.”

There were a few hours before tonight’s barbecue. Plenty of time to implement my sexy plan for Luke.

Thankfully he had left the door open for me. It was a huge wooden contraption that was Moorish in its appearance, similar to doors I had seen in pictures of Morocco, and had a huge brass ring that served as the door handle. I twisted it, and it creaked in a reassuring, aged kind of way when I pushed it open. I locked it behind me.

I paused in the bathroom and undressed, leaving on only the barely visible push-up bra and the garter belt stockings. Whereas the bra invited my nipples to be sucked, the stockings offered a similar invitation for my ass and pussy.

As if I’m wearing an Alice in Wonderland cake box that says, ‘eat me’, I thought to myself.

“Luke?” I called out.

No response.

I wandered to the library but didn’t find him there. His truck was in the driveway, so I knew he was here somewhere. His bedroom door slowly swung inward, and I saw him there on the bed.

Time to implement my provocative plan.

I went back to the kitchen and fetched a vanilla cupcake, which I placed on the nightstand of Luke’s bed. He looked gorgeous laying on his belly, his head to the side. His breathing was soft and slow.

I planned to bring an end to that very quickly.

I sat across his lower back so that my pussy was actually resting there. He let out a deep moan. I bent down so that my fringe fell upon his shoulder blades and my bare nipples rubbed across his back. I pretended that they were pencil erasers and rubbed back and forth across his shoulder blades as if there was a mark that I was trying to remove. My intent was to get him excited, and it had the added bonus of making me feel warm and tingly down there. I was sure he could feel it from where I was sitting on him.

Luke clearly wanted to roll over, and I let him. When he did, the sight that greeted me was so welcome that it made me start to pant.

“Did you miss me, Daddy?”

“Immensely, baby girl. So much so that I had to make myself come in the shower. But it wasn’t any substitute for feeling you like this.”

“I brought you something.” I held up the vanilla cupcake so that he could see it. I swiped some of the buttercream frosting off the top and smeared it across his lips.


Slowly… I lowered myself to his mouth so that the fringe teased across his chest again, and I licked off the vanilla frosting, making him moan. It tasted yummy and had a texture which gave me an idea.


The perfect medium for what I had in mind. I cleaned Daddy’s mouth with my little kitty tongue, working my way down to the hard protrusion poking into my belly. I loved the look of it. What was it about this part of a man that was so exciting when it was firm?

Soft at the tip. Velvet is a cliche. Almost silklike to the touch. I smeared a swipe of the creamy vanilla frosting across the tip after licking the drop of pre-ejaculate from his head. The salty would mix with the sweet, I thought to myself. I made a circle with my thumb and index finger, pushing it over the head of his gorgeous cock and squeezing slightly.

I lowered my mouth to the tip and swirled my tongue around the head, cleaning off the frosting and getting a tasty treat while making him thrust himself past my lips.

As I started to slowly bob my head up and down on his shaft, I continued to use my fingers to squeeze him and stroke up and down, intending to drive him crazy. As evidenced by the fact that his cock was pulsing in my hand. And the fact that he grabbed two fistfuls of my hair on either side of my head and started to thrust himself into my mouth, forcing me to take the entirety of his length until I could feel him at the back of my throat.

Thankfully, I’d never had a gag reflex.

For some reason, being completely at his mercy, with him using my mouth like a pussy and fucking it as hard as he wanted to, was very exciting. Having absolutely no control made me wet.

But, without a doubt, if I wanted him to stop, he would. So, really, who was in control?

It was a matter of him being at my mercy. I was the one with the power to make him come or not. At the same time, he had the power to make me take all of him into my wet mouth.

I heard him utter unintelligible things which expressed his pleasure at the ministrations of my mouth, and then with words: “Oh my God, you are such a good girl!”

I raised up off of him. “Thank you, Daddy,” I said, swiping some more of the creamy frosting with my fingers. This time, I put more of it on his shaft to enhance the slippery sensation as I stroked it and licked the tip with my tongue, looking into his eyes as I did so.

He closed his eyes and slammed his head back against the pillow. I felt a surge of sexual power; he couldn’t look at me while I performed because it was too exciting for him. I kept swooping my tongue across the tip of his spongy head, all the while stroking the granite-hard length of it in my hand.

Again, I took all of him in my mouth as I lay on my side to enable him to better thrust in and out of my lips and reach to the back of my throat. This gave him the power to fuck my face as he wished.

Suddenly, he pulled out of my mouth and stopped. He pinned my wrists under his arms and raised himself up over me, holding me down so that I couldn’t move.

“Who’s your Daddy?” he asks.

“You are,” I replied.

“That’s right. Now you hold still and be a good girl.”

He lowered himself down to the furnace between my legs. My back arched hard when he put his mouth there, having waited so long to feel it.

Since meeting Luke, I had been so goddamned horny day and night. The sweep of his tongue on my pussy made me feel so sex-crazed. I grabbed his hair and rubbed its softness while he licked me, licked me, and licked me. I raised my hips off the bed, shoving myself into his face and letting him taste me as I came.

In his mouth.

I couldn’t stand it. I felt so helpless. I wanted him to be on top of me now. I wanted him to hold me.

“Daddy, come here. Please. Please, Daddy.”

He was still so hard, and I wanted to feel him inside me so that we were the closest we could be. He raised up over me on his elbows.

“You are so beautiful, princess. I’ve never been with anyone like you before. I’ve never felt like this before.” After he said that, he plunged the entire length of himself into my desperate pussy and started to pump. His feet were wedged against the footboard so that he had leverage to fuck me hard with all his strength. I wrapped my legs around him, giving him better access to my pussy, and he moaned greedily.

We fit together perfectly.

I wanted him so badly. He took my tit in his mouth. I could feel another orgasm continuing to build.

His cock was touching the best places inside me, rubbing me in a way I’d never felt before. It was as if we were made to fit together. He touched me just right.


He kept fucking me hard—there was desperation to his thrusting—and I grabbed his hair. I moaned and whimpered and screamed, unable to help myself.

He started to thrust faster and harder with his hips. “Oh my God, princess. I’m going to come inside you.”

“Yes, Daddy. Fuck me. Come in me.”

He tossed his head back and let out a long moan, almost as if he were hurt. Except I knew better. He fell on top on me, and I lay there savoring what I was able to do to this man with my mouth, my tongue, and my pussy.

I had taught my Daddy a lesson.


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