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FREE Spicy Romance Read

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Chapter 8, Luke

I went back inside the meat company to pick up some tri-tip for that night. Sofie and Logan were coming over for a barbecue, almost making whatever this was between Gracie and I look like a normal relationship. One where we had friends over for dinner and cooked stuff; where all of us hung out, talking about the kinds of things couples talked about, instead of me being a craven fool whose mind was completely occupied with ripping Gracie’s clothes off and having her spend all her time naked in my house. Never letting her out. Keeping her captive like a tiny kitten that I could feed morning and night and pet whenever I wanted to.

Thinking about her tiny form on the sidewalk, the way she had licked at my lips and teased me with her mouth, made me push both my hands through my hair, tug at my scalp, and let out a long, hard sigh.

“What’s bugging you, Luke? What’s on your mind?”

Heather had worked at this meat company forever and, by the quirk of her mouth, had seen what had just transpired on the sidewalk.

“I’m sure you can guess what’s on my mind, Heather. I don’t need to tell you; you just witnessed it.”

“Well, that’s wonderful news, Luke. It’s so good to see that you have a woman in your life again. It’s been too long since that mean old snake Sylvia left town. She sure as heck didn’t deserve you.”

“Thanks, Heather. I appreciate it. But I just… I just don’t know what to do with this little girl.”

“Mmmm… so she’s into Daddies, is she?”

“Yes, I plan to be her Daddy come hell or high water; it’s just… I don’t know if I can take care of her properly. I shouldn’t even be talking about it, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t get it off my mind. I wanna make her feel safe, but she’s had an upbringing that makes her so scared, so panicky sometimes.”

Heather wrapped the tri-tip and placed masking tape over the neatly folded ends, just as if it was a Christmas present. She slid it across the high glass case toward me.

“You know, Luke; if there’s one man who’s going to make a woman feel safe, it’s you. I’ve known you since elementary school, and you’ve always been kind to animals and to those kids who got picked on. You always stuck up for them. I have no doubt you’ll find a way to make this girl feel safe.

“Mainly women just want to hear that they are appreciated and that they are cherished. If they feel those two things… well, then she will love you in the way you deserve.”

“Thanks, Heather. I appreciate it. I sure hope you’re right. Right now, she’s driving me crazy.”

“Well, Luke, sometimes that’s the way true love starts out. Honestly, that’s how it is between me and Bo. We drive each other crazy, not only inside the bedroom but outside the bedroom. Passion does make a person mad. As long as you respect each other and treat each other with care, it’ll all be okay.”

“I suppose so.”

I left the store and walked down the street, glancing in the salon to my right. Gracie and Sofie were sat there chatting, completely oblivious to my presence at the window.

Gracie had her legs exposed and her feet up. I couldn’t help but want to run my hands up those smooth calves, stroking her knees and then splaying open her thighs. I swore to God, I would do it right there in the salon if I could, not caring who saw.

Oh my God, the beast was back. I walked down the sidewalk, passing the Country Girl store. I wanted to get something for Gracie. Something to show her how much I wanted to be her Daddy and have her be mine. Show her how much I wanted her to be my little girl that I could put over my lap at any given moment and smack until she forgot everything but my hand on her ass and how I was going to reign over her.

All her hair in one hand, while spanking, spanking, spanking with the other. Then, when she agreed to behave, when she was whimpering and calling me Daddy, I would give her the gift that I saw in the window: a sweet, little bunny that I knew would make Gracie squeal with delight.

I stepped inside and picked up the rabbit. It was so soft. I rubbed it to my cheek and was interrupted by giggles from the front of the store. A gaggle of three women were looking at me and laughing about my antics with the bunny.

“Gotta make sure it’s soft enough,” I told them.

Just a sweet bunny that Gracie could hold in her arms and hug tight to her so that it rested between her beautiful breasts.

Oh God, I couldn’t stop thinking about her body and what it did to me. My cock was hard, and I hoped to God these tittering women didn’t notice it throbbing below the counter.

What was I? Sixteen years old again? Gracie had me out of control, as if I were back in high school.

I quickly purchased the rabbit and spun on my heel to hide my package as I exited the store.

* * *

Cold showers were clearly a myth. Nothing would make this cock go down. Nothing but touching myself for relief.

I thought about Gracie, her sweet pussy last night, and the way she had let me lick her little clit and suck it into my mouth. The way she had writhed on the sheets and tossed from side to side. The way I had slipped two fingers inside of that pussy while sucking gently on her clit until she came, and I felt her clench around me.

Holding that thought, I grabbed myself in my hand and began to stroke. I added soap to make it slippery, pretending it was Gracie’s hand around me. Squeezing tighter and stroking faster and faster, I thought about cupping her tits in my hand and squeezing her nipples between my fingers.

God, she was so soft. She smelled so good. I rubbed just the head now. Squeezing harder and rubbing faster and faster until I finally became so hard that I had to fall against the wall of the shower stall and hold myself there. I listened to the pull of air through my lungs and mouth which finally slowed to a normal speed.

After making myself come and having discussed things with that therapist that I’d rather avoid, I was tired. I went into my bedroom, fell onto my sheets, and lost consciousness.


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