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Chapter 5, Gracie

As inexperienced with men as I was, I just knew.

He was familiar to me, even though I had only known him for the sum total of four days and three nights.

He smelled right.

He looked right.

And after he had licked the chocolate off my lips and given me the best kiss that I had ever had, I knew that he tasted right as well.

And my appetite for him went beyond him tasting of chocolate.

It felt like my insides were the contents of a soda can that someone had shaken up. He made me want to get naked with him, to throw off my clothes without a care to the fact that I would reveal all my plump imperfections.

He said he wanted to spank me, and that sounded right, too. I had stumbled across Daddy Dom erotica, and it excited me more than any other kind.

As I always said, based solely on my research thus far and not grounded in any type of real-life experience, ‘Spanking isn’t kinky. Spanking just feels good’. At least that was the case according to my fact-finding explorations on the topic.

The prelude to a sexy encounter.

The warmup before a workout.

The pizza before the lava cake.

Luke—no, “Daddy”—made me feel safe. He had the power to give me what I needed and snatch me from the hoggish hands of internal doubt that frequently clutched at me without warning.

“Right, princess. Come with me.” When he commanded, it went straight to my pussy. A heat wave in my panties.

He grabbed me by the hand and took me to his room. A place I had not yet entered in his house.

We walked into a huge, candle-lit room with an impossibly high ceiling. The roof beams on steroids were something else, cut from sturdy dark wood. He led me over to the extended bench hearth made of round river rock where a warm fire blazed behind glass.

Luke faced me and said, “I can feel you, Gracie. I intuit your need to surrender to me. To forget everything. Am I right?”

I nodded my encouragement. He sat down and patted his knee, and I put the knuckle of my index finger in my mouth and teethed at it nervously.

“Lie across my lap, princess.” Luke reached his hand out to assist me, and I surprised myself by instinctively accepting it.

I knelt on the spotted cowhide rug beside his knees, staring up at him with uncertainty. How exactly did one move naturally into a mode of obedience? It always made for a great dynamic on paper, but it wasn’t like there was a ‘how-to-have-a-Daddy’ operations manual anywhere. Or at least, if there was, I hadn’t come across it.

Cocking a dark eyebrow, he motioned meaningfully towards his lap.

Paddling in the surface tension between reluctance and submission, I remained in place, disbelieving that this aesthetically perfect male was taking such an interest in me, wanting to claim me as his. Calling me his “little girl” and his “princess”.

I had better fess up before I messed this up. “It’s just that… I’ve never had a spanking before. I don’t exactly know what to do.”

“That’s quite enough, young lady. Come here and take your spanking like a good little girl. Let me make you forget about everything.”

Well, that apparently answered that. He would be providing all the direction I needed.

I tried it on again for size. “Yes, Daddy.”

I loved the direct correlation I felt in my girly bits simply from speaking those words.

The heat down there. Wet.

“Take your shorts and tights off, little girl. Show me your panties.”

I slid my shorts to the floor and worried about the fact that I wasn’t some fragile flower when it came to my size. I wasn’t dainty or petite like girls were supposed to be. Luke was going to feel how heavy I really was. My squishy belly would envelop him if I laid across his lap.

So embarrassing.

I gave in and lay down across his hard thighs, pressing against my substantial stomach. The fire crackled and popped behind him.

My internal chubby chagrin ran out the back door when he put his large hand over my bum and started rubbing in a circular motion.

“What have we here, princess?”

I squeaked a little.

Above me, I heard his voice. “Now, I will only stop when you have forgotten everything. Not a moment before.” He pulled my ruffle panties down toward the floor, and I made a futile attempt to block his first swat with my hands.

“Remove your hands and place them at your sides, little girl, or you will earn yourself ten more. Admit that you must surrender to me and this will be over with much faster. Admit that this is what you ache for.”

He raised his arm, and I wondered wildly at how time stood still with the descent of his open palm toward my defenseless ass.

Luke counted through the streaks of my pleasurable pain—three times, four, five. He got to ten and, just when I wondered if I could handle any more, I heard him suck in his breath and let it out in a jagged, slow release. He smoothed his palm over my bum, stroking each rounded cheek slowly, almost reverently.

He groaned. “It’s a shame that such a gorgeous ass is wasted on a little girl who doesn’t even appreciate it. I don’t think we’re done here yet, do you?”

It was all I could do to groan; words wouldn’t come to my lips. Unusual for me, however, I could still conjure a lot of things to worry about, if I tried.

“Stand up, walk to my dresser over there, and open the top drawer. Inside you will find a present that I picked up for you in town yesterday.”

Inside the top drawer, there were neatly folded socks, boxers, and a packet wrapped in brown butcher paper. “Is this it?” I held it up for him to see.

“Yes, good girl. Come here with that.”

It was a relief somehow to follow his commands. To have a simple task to complete. To have someone else do the thinking for me.

“LC Livestock Supply is good for more than just animal food. I was surprised to find this on the shelf, but I think it is just what my little girl needs to banish the panicky thoughts from her mind. Open it up for me.”

Two could play this game, I thought. I would let him think he was in charge, but I knew that he, too, had to have his weak spots.

I pulled at the brown butcher paper with my teeth, refusing to use my fingers. It had the desired effect. He couldn’t take his eyes off my oral skills and actually moaned a few times before I was done opening my present.

A shiny black riding crop.

Before I could blink, Luke lunged and grabbed the crop out of my hand with one hand and my wrist in the other. As he dragged me toward the bed, I dug in my heels, but I was powerless to resist his strength. He picked me up effortlessly and lifted me over his shoulder, then flipped me backward onto the bed.

“Such a naughty girl, letting those ugly comments get inside your head today. What’s Daddy’s rule for that?”

“I have no idea?”


As I had earlier thought, I didn’t own the operations manual for any of this and was definitely clueless about any rules he was referring to.

No negative self-talk. Now, take off your shirt.”

“No, please.” I couldn’t bear the thought of him seeing my tummy rolls.

Now, little girl.” He used the crop to gently flick at my thighs. Three quick swats. It didn’t hurt, but the surprise flogging was enough to get his point across.

I got naked according to his instructions.

“Crawl up there in the middle of the bed and lay down on your tummy.”

I did as I was told.

“Now, princess. You need to get familiar with Daddy’s rules. Daddy’s rules are important, and if you do not obey them, there will be punishment. Punishment helps you focus on what’s important. Let’s continue with the most important rule.”


I squeaked in surprise. It was hard enough to sting, but it didn’t really hurt.

“Daddy cherishes you and you must always feel confident in yourself and your body. You are a gorgeous princess.”

“Isn’t that more than one rule?”

Swat. Swat. Swat.

That time, I screamed. It did hurt.

He easily pinned my two wrists down behind my back with his one hand. I was totally helpless.

And I more than liked it.

“Rule Two: always tell Daddy if you don’t want to do something. Daddy will never force you. Am I forcing you now, Gracie?”

“Yes,” I half sobbed.

“Do you want me to stop?”


“That’s a good girl. Count for me, then. Let’s see if you can make it to twenty.”

He used the crop to cover my entire ass with spanks from the whip. It hurt way more than a hand, and yet the sting was welcome. With each smack, I felt the abrupt, persisting sting and the quick intensification of heat at the point of impact. It was all I could think about, and it cleared my head of all worries.

I felt calm.

By now, I was sobbing. Not so much from pain, but from the release of worry.

Freedom from overthinking.

Free from anxiety.

Luke grasped me by the shoulders and turned me in his arms to sit across his lap. I tried to pull away, but his arms tightened around me and his hand held my face pressed to his chest. He began to stroke my hair. “Such a good girl, Gracie. So good.”

He soothed me like that for a good long while, and the entire time I was focused on the furnace that the spanking had ignited down there. I wiggled my bum on his rigid cock the best I could, to tease him like he had done to me.

“You see what you’ve done to me, little girl?” he admonished. I could still feel the delicious sting of the crop on my ass, and it made me whimper in delight.

“Get on your knees and grab that headboard.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I obeyed and turned around to watch him remove his clothes. I could see that there was a drop of pre-cum at the tip of his very swollen penis.

Oh my. It was a very generous portion of Daddy, and I planned on getting my fill.

Suddenly, he was behind me, his hands on top of mine at the headboard. I felt so open and vulnerable. I wanted him inside me more than anything.

“Can you feel me, little girl? Can you feel how desirable you are? Can you feel how hard you’ve made my cock?” He pushed himself against me, his shaft now pressing right against my pussy without going inside. “You want to get fucked, baby? Do you want Daddy to fuck you good and hard? You want Daddy to ram his big cock right up your pretty little pussy?”

His dirty talk, the way that he took a handful of my hair in his fist, his hard body against mine, the throb of desire between his legs: all of it was driving me out of my mind and made me feel so desirable.

“Yes, Daddy. Fuck me!”

He responded by grabbing both of my hips and shoving himself all the way in. There was no resistance as my wet pussy took him inside. He reached down and began to squeeze my clit between two fingers while pinching one nipple with the other hand, all the while pumping deep inside me for what seemed like forever.

The sensation of being taken by this dominant male who had just spanked my bottom like no other was putting me over the edge.

Just in time, too.

“I’m going to come, princess. Your pussy is so sweet and tight!”

“Yes, Daddy. Come inside me!”

He gave one final thrust and audibly groaned as he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto him. I felt myself clench around his cock in excitement as he pushed me to orgasm again with him.

Oh my God.

It was too much to hope that this could last. Dreams like this didn’t come true for girls like me. He was just too perfect.

I didn’t need an operations manual to understand how that worked.


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