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FREE Spicy Romance Read

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Chapter 4, Luke

I walked to the passenger side of the truck and lifted Gracie out, placing her gently on the ground. She smelled like vanilla, roses, and some sweet spice that I wanted to inhale and devour.

The top of her head was in reach. I leaned down to sniff her aroma, pushing the wispy strands of hair behind her ears.

“You didn’t get to finish your pie, Gracie. You must be hungry.”

She shook her head, gazing longingly off into the distance.

I knew that she would be in need of food even though she refused to admit it and called pizza delivery for dinner. It was my guess that this refusal to eat was all about her leftover shame from being made fun of by the doofus in town.

I should’ve punched him when I had the chance.

“Does pepperoni sound good, little girl? Or do you prefer Italian sausage and mushrooms?”

“No mushrooms.” She crinkled her nose in disgust.


I made sure to order fries, extra hot chocolate lava cakes on the side, a cactus cooler so that I could make her a little girl cocktail, and a side salad with ranch dressing.

Fuck dainty eaters.

I liked women who enjoyed food. Who enjoyed life. I had also come to appreciate that women with real appetites tended to have a lust for other things as well.

Just thinking about Gracie’s potential lust made my cock throb uncomfortably in my pants, and the heat zinged upward from my balls.

“Let’s take a walk around the pond for a bit,” I suggested, trying to distract myself from acting like an animal. “Our pizza won’t arrive for at least an hour.”

Having her amble along at my side in her tiny boots and cinnamon-colored shorts felt more rewarding than anything I could remember. More than selling five, six figure solar systems last week; more than designing and building my own home; more than the fact that I had a current bid on my company that could set me up for life. More rewarding than a million other things I could think of.

“Um… Luke?”

“Yes, Gracie?”

“Why did you call yourself ‘Daddy’ back in Briarville?” Her brow was furrowed. “What did you mean by that?”


“Honestly, I didn’t even realize that I had. Does it bother you?”

“Not at all. I just don’t know what you mean by it.”


I needed to be careful with what I said here: the last thing I wanted to do was scare her off. It felt comfortable walking next to her in silence for a few moments while I thought of an answer.

“It means that even though we have only spent a few days together, I am starting to refer to you as ‘princess’ in my mind. We haven’t even kissed yet and I can’t stop thinking of all of the things that I want to do to your body. Can’t stop fantasizing of how I want to reward you for being a good girl, and how I want to spank you to make you behave. Does that shock you?”

Her eyes opened wider, but she stepped closer to me, so it seemed a safe bet that my words weren’t scaring her off.

“Does any of that sound like something that you might enjoy?”

“Oh, yes.” She sighed.

“Oh, yes, what?” I rumbled at her.

“Oh, yes, Daddy.”

“For me, a Daddy is someone who keeps his little girl safe and who spanks her when appropriate. He sets the rules so that she obeys. A Daddy is also someone who knows how to keep his little girl’s pussy very happy. Always. It’s his job.”

She squealed at that last remark and tripped over a small clump of tree roots on the path.

“Watch where you’re going, princess. You need to be more careful. I notice that you are very daydreamy today. Yet another reason you need me to take care of you.”

* * *

“You shivering whenever you are with me is starting to become a trend. What’s up with that?”

It was just starting to get dark, and we had returned home to wait for the pizza. Gracie was hugging herself tightly and was trembling in the front entryway.

“Sit down, little girl.” I knelt in front of her and untied and removed her boots, feeling to see whether her socks were damp.

She looked so cute perched there, like a little bird on my front entry bench. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the kitchen, and she nuzzled her head into my chest.

* * *

The smell of melted cheese wafted up from the pizza box, and upon opening it, my stomach snarled in appreciation. Gracie giggled, and her eyes opened wide.

“Hungry,” I explained.

Gracie twirled the melted cheese from the pizza slice around her finger and slid it into her mouth. Her body shivered and she rolled her lips inward in embarrassment, realizing that she had my full attention with that one single move.

Another type of hunger walloped me in the gut.

I looked away and shoved a piece of pizza into my mouth, chewing voraciously to divert my attention from those luscious, pink lips that I suddenly wanted to plunder with various parts of my body.

Was I delusional to think that some time over my knee and under the sheets would be the best way to make her forget all the nastiness of today?

My thoughts kept meandering down the path of beastly resistance: Gracie—resisting—as I, the beast, pinned her wrists to my bed. Her squirming on my lap while I pet her bottom and pull her panties down. Her moaning when I grab fistfuls of her hair and pull her head back to place her lips at the right landing position.

Oh God. She did bring out the beast in me.

I had caught her several times today with her brow wrinkled in thought or gazing off into the distance. She had been pondering some unspoken worry ever since the incident with the snotty cowboy in town. That irrelevant troglodyte had touched upon some pre-existing pain, had reminded her of an old injury from the past that had the capacity to take over her mind in the present.

The last thing she needed was me trying to get her between the sheets.

Or was it?

Maybe me tending to her with my mouth was just the kind of distraction she needed.

I got a small plate for the chocolate cake that oozed a river of melted chocolate from its underbelly. Forgoing a fork, I swiped at the delicious rivulet with my finger to see if it was good enough for my princess.


She smiled at me, and I lightly painted her lower lip with a decadent smear of warm chocolate. The pizza company was smart enough to align their business with the Sweetness and Delight shop next door, so their dessert delivery was delish.

I laughed at her unconventional lipstick, wiped it with the pad of my thumb, and licked it off.

We both froze in place, staring at each other, our mouths half open. It occurred to me that anyone who walked into the room at that moment would immediately intuit what was about to occur.

I lunged at her.

My heart exploded in my chest as Gracie’s face filled my view. I knew that kissing her would change things; that afterward, she would never again be just a girl who needed my help for a finite period of time. And I admitted to myself at that point that I actually gave a rat’s ass about anything that would follow.

I paused for a moment above her, allowing her to run her frenzied hands across my chest. I wrapped them in my fists and pinned them there so that she couldn’t move them away even if she wanted to.

Then I kissed her.

At the touch of my lips, she flowered beneath me, and the embodiment of my perfect princess was complete.

I was done for.

I broke the kiss and opened my eyes. It was as though we had time-traveled across the room. I had to look around the kitchen just to remember where I was.

The inspiration came to me suddenly. “I think that before I run your bubble bath, you should take a spanking over Daddy’s knee so that we can drive all those nasty, criticizing voices out of your head. Would you like that?”

She slowly nodded her affirmation, her eyes open wide.

I even sounded bestial to myself when I growled, “I’ll make you forget about everything, little girl.”


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