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FREE Spicy Romance Read

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Chapter 14, Luke

“Let me feed you, princess.”

Gracie was right next to me. I had placed our chairs side by side at the table instead of across from one another. I wanted to have her within reach.

I removed a grilled prawn from its skewer with my fingers and moved it towards Gracie’s mouth. After looking at me wide-eyed, Gracie eventually opened her pink, puffy lips to allow me to place a morsel of the food on her tongue. It was an intimate act, and one that had me craving her.

We stared at each other hungrily as she slowly chewed her food. Next, I smeared her baked potato with butter and sour cream. Oddly, my arousal at being with her had diminished my own hunger for actual food. It was replaced with another, more primitive appetite.

I gave her a sip of water between bites, and she ran her thumb deliciously up and down my palm. “I don’t ever want to fight with you, daddy.”

A dab of sour cream clung to her lower lip after I fed her a bite of baked potato and I swiped at it with the pad of my tongue.

“And I never want to cause you pain.” I leaned forward and clutched both of her hands in mine. “You have no idea how you affect me. I need you in ways that I find hard to explain. Ever since you walked into my life, I can’t so much look at another woman.”

Gracie looked into my eyes and took a visible gulp. I leaned toward her and kissed her passionately, trying to relay everything that I was feeling. So much more than I had ever felt with any other woman before. I made no attempt to hide the fact that I was watching her.

When the meal was finished, Gracie was able to walk a straight line through the Caspian. I called Charlie on his cell, and he was more than happy to give us a lift back to my place.

“Looks like you two lovebirds had a good time. All’s well that ends well.”

“So it would seem,” I said, putting my arm around Gracie.

* * *

I led Gracie inside. “How are you feeling, bunny?” I asked Gracie as she scuffed her cowboy boots across the threshold.

She answered in the littlest of voices. “I’m okay, Daddy. Just thinking about the last time we were here, and what happened.” Her lower lip pouted adorably, and she scootched closer under my arm.

I gently grabbed her chin and made her look into my eyes. “Gracie, she means nothing to me. She hasn’t for a long time. Although I’m afraid to say it, you’re the girl who has captured my heart for good, even though we have only known each other for such a short time. I have never met anyone like you. I know what I like, and you’re it for me. I hope that you feel the same way, too.”

“Oh, Daddy. That’s what you say. And it seems like you mean it when you say it. I just get so insecure sometimes. And she was so pretty.”

“I understand, princess. It’s okay to have those thoughts. But Daddy’s here with you right now. And he’s not leaving.”

I grabbed a handful of her hair in my hand and made a fist. “Come with me like a good girl and let me show you.” She stepped sideways down the hall to keep up with me without falling over.

I let her attempt to walk that way for a bit, because it made me feel like a caveman and I liked it. Then I scooped my arm under her legs and lifted her up to my chest.

“You know what happens to baby girls who run away from their daddies like you did today?” I asked. “They get special punishments.”

“Punishments?” she gulped.

“You know you’ve earned it. Now get over there and lay down on that bed.” I set her down on the ground in my room.

“But…” Before she could finish, I smacked her ass so hard it made her squeal, a cute little sound which went directly to my cock.

“No buts about it, young lady. You know you’ve earned it. Now, go take off your clothes so that Daddy can watch. And leave your panties on.”


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