Double Daddies - FREE

Double Daddies - FREE

Hi There,

These are the first two books I ever published in what ended up being my most popular series (Lost Coast Daddies - still ongoing). They are free for a limited time so get yours on all retailers! Don't forget to share with friends who enjoy daddy doms ;)

Daddy's Kitten releases this week and is book 6 in the Lost Coast Daddies series. I'm in love with Lorenzo 👇🏻

I led her to our bedroom by the wrist, which now displayed the touches of a female who loved pink, loved sparkle, loved soft, fluffy things surrounding her. She could decorate the entire house with stuffies as far as I was concerned. It sure as shit didn’t threaten my masculinity to keep her happy.
And damn, looking at my baby girl waiting expectantly for my next command did strange things to my chest. The gloom that lived there for far too long gave over to brilliance. Only she could bring warmth to my cold, dead heart, and it was as if she’d sprinkled it with emotional glitter.
I commanded, “Dress. Off.” She undressed with efficiency and waited for her next instruction.“Are we going to be a good girl now?” My voice was full and smooth, spilling over with the pride I felt for her.
“Yes, daddy.” Her hair was a luminous, buttercup yellow, beaming under the light, and I took it in hand to lead her to the bed.“On your knees, kitten.”
She knelt on all fours, and I vowed to ride her later while toeing off my loafers and shoving down my trousers to observe the head of my erection, which strained against the soft cotton of my boxers.
My gaze fell to the creamy expanse of her neck, exposed as it was by her hair spilling to the mattress, and I gripped the back of it in my hand. “Let me hear you beg for it, baby girl. What do you want?”
I felt like a horny male of eighteen when she whispered, “Will you please spank me?”


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