Last Day for Biggest Sale Ever!

"Be a good girl and eat your lunch. Maybe I'll let you have dessert after."

Last Day for Biggest Sale Ever!
"Awesome read!" - 5 Star Review for Daddy's Sweet Ride

Hi There Foxies!Help celebrate my 3-year-authoversary with my biggest sale everrrrrr. If you've never read a book-o-mine, I'd recommend beginning with Daddy's Sweet Ride, only 99 pennies right now, and pairing it with some gummy bears. Scroll down to read a sexy snippet!

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Chloe rarely has “symptoms” anymore with help from medication and therapy. But when her mooching sister racks up charges on her credit card, her bi-polar disorder comes to call. That same day she meets Jax, and his daddy dom ways set her at ease, while leaving her body delightfully disturbed.


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